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Inorganic ceramic building plates not only match the outstanding performance of standard inorganic materials, but also abandon the heaviness of traditional inorganic materials such as stone, cement boards, metal plates, etc. Furthermore, ceramic building plates prove to have lower defects of high carbon. These plates are made from kaolin clay and other inorganic non-metallic materials through calcination under 1200 degrees of high temperature and other processes. They can achieve nearly 95% mimicking accuracy of various materials such as natural stone and can duplicate its relative rich colors and delicate textures neither of which fades nor deforms. In the case of guaranteed product features, they are produced by their limited thickness of less than 5mm. Compared to similar products, the usage of ceramic building material per unit area is reduced by 50% - saving more than 60% of raw material resources and reducing overall energy consumption by more than 50%. The low-carbon objectives are well achieved through the usage of raw materials or the energy consumed in the production process. For end-users, such a kind of thin lightweight large-sized plates not only save logistics and transportation costs, but also reduce the load of the building, which directly reduces carbon emissions from logistics and building construction.